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Hi, I'm Yanlin Li

A UX Designer with 2+ years of experience in UX research and SaaS products.
Currently design @
Prifina for a personal financial data management platform.

UX projects


I initiated the project MindKit, a mental health services assistant that streamlines the search experience, enabling users to promptly access appropriate mental health services and support for local communities and citizens.

UX design | Information Architecture | Mobile Design


As the UX designer, I lead the design of the expense data management desktop application for Prifina with a team of 5, launching an MVP in 3.5 month and keep iterating on the product.

UX design | Information Architecture | Desktop App Design


As a UX design intern, I designed the flow and prototypes for the new customization feature that will be launched in version 2.0 of the SaaS online learning platform.

UX design | Information Architecture | Desktop Design 

Old Maps Online

The redesign of Old Maps Online, a non-profit resource portal, is centered on enhancing visual performance and functional attributes, resulting in a more seamless search experience.

UX design | Desktop Design

Design for Safety

Design for Safety is a hands-on and project-based computing & electronics curriculum designed by a group of enthusiastic designers for high school students in NYC.

Service Design | Instructional Design
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