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About Me.

I am a junior UX Designer who have 3 years of experience in designing for both desktop and mobile user experiences. In 2020, I decided to change my path from architecture to the human-computer interaction field and devote myself to making clear and clean designs in the virtual environments.


Why UX Design?

As a UX designer, I find great satisfaction in understanding people and their motivations. I enjoy asking questions, listening, and observing behaviors, as every action has a reason behind it driven by wants or needs. I'm curious to know what drives people, what brings them happiness, what causes them concern, and how I can potentially solve their problems through design.

Designing for users is like solving a puzzle, where I gather as many clues as possible, analyze how they fit together, and come up with creative solutions. It's a never-ending process as there is no single "right" answer. The beauty of UX design is that it is constantly evolving as people shape designs, and designs also shape people. Good designs not only provide users with better tools and experiences but also show them new possibilities to change the way of doing things.

This journey as a UX designer is exciting and always presents new challenges and ooprtunities. I'm looking forward to encountering all the diverse individuals I will meet along the way.​

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